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Throw the best slumber party in town.

The Teepee Tribe, Belfast specialise in girls and boys sleepover parties, pajama parties, slumber parties

glamping parties and indoor camping parties for girls and boys in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

You can camp indoor with your friends in our indoor teepee tents

Girls teepee sleepover party belfast northern ireland

Enchant friends with a magical unicorn themed teepee sleepover party with soft pastel colours and gorgeous unicorn cushions.

FROM £90

Girl mermaid teepee sleepover party belfast northern ireland

Why not have an under the sea style teepee party. This mermaid teepee sleepover party features strong pink, blues and purples with shell cushions and mermaid tails making it a mermazing.

FROM £90

Army boys teepee sleepover party belfast northern ireland

Our you ready for a tour of duty then our new army slumber party hire theme is going to knock their boots off. Supplied with camouflage tents, sandbag cushions, army helmets and binoculars.

FROM £90

Come on Barbie let's go PARTY........

FROM £90


A deluxe pink and white teepee slumber party theme appealing to young girls of all ages. Very popular and comes with a range of decorations, decorative cushions and fur rugs. Great just not for birthdays, but pamper parties or hen parties.

FROM £90

tropical flamingo pineapple teepee party

Check out our amazingly colourful tropical slumber teepee party theme that appeals to all ages. We have palm trees, flamingos, pineapples all to set the party mood.

FROM £90

space teepees

Blast Off! Have a night under the stars with out of this world space theme

FROM £90

football teepees

You are sure to score with friends with this knockout football theme

FROM £90

harry potter teepees

What about having a night at Hogwarts with all your wizard friends

FROM £90


Have a night out in the wildlife with our woodland theme.

FROM £90


Be your kids superhero by booking this theme

FROM £90


The LOL Doll craze is still as big as ever, book early to avoid disappointment

FROM £90


"I don't like anything"  - Wednesday

But we know she would LOVE these teepees.

FROM £90


BOO!! Lets tell ghost stories over Halloween in one of our teepees.

FROM £90


Sweet like candy

FROM £90

christmas teepee party.jpg

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This festive theme will get every child in the spirit of Christmas, includes candy canes, mini crackers and lots of festive decorations.

FROM £90

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